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Dr. Jennifer D. Comer, PT, DPT, believes you deserve a chance at the best quality of life. Crafted from the physical therapy profession and the ever-evolving Pilates community, you are served evidence-based solutions to ease your physical interruptions and to restore the joy in your everyday movement.

Consider Align & Define as your direct-access physical therapy consulting center. We align your physical assets and design your best path for movement health. Clients are introduced to a multitude of tools and experiences for optimal integration in whole-body wellness. Excellence is achieved through consistency rather than intensity, so while clients may receive a high concentration of effective education/intervention, we understand the need and value of being regularly available for continued guidance, modifications, and progressions/regressions as your body evolves toward its highest potential.

Sessions may range from individual treatment/education appointments to semi-private sessions where clients are supervised through application to deepen the understanding and benefits of the recommended movement medicine. It is our goal to meet you where you are, whether your body is taking “baby steps” or is ready for leaps and bounds.

Defining cash-based physical therapy
Cash-based physical therapy means that Align & Define is out of network with all insurance companies and does not directly bill through insurance (though you may be eligible for reimbursement directly from your insurance company). Our patients pay us directly each visit for their 1-on-1, personalized physical therapy session. This allows us to focus all our attention on the patient and perform treatments to focus on patient goals without being dictated by insurance rules and regulations. The session must be designated as a Physical Therapy session at the time of service and payment.


Does cash-based mean I can only pay with cash?
While cash is always an acceptable form of payment, patients can also pay by check, with MasterCard or Visa credit/debit cards, as well as with FSA and HSA accounts.

Why cash-based physical therapy?
Reimbursement rates for physical therapy services are continually being reduced, and treatment is being dictated by the parameters set by insurance companies. The decline in reimbursement has decreased the standard of care and available time/attention of the skilled practitioner to each patient. With a cash-based practice, we are able to decide how we see fit to treat patients, as we are not regulated by insurance companies. This allows us to provide the highest-quality care and give full attention to each patient’s specific needs. As you might guess, this improves both rate of outcomes and satisfaction.

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