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Jennifer is one of the best teachers I have ever had. Experienced, knowledgeable, and prepared, she approaches each class with freshness and delight. She is also flexible, adapting her plans to suit wherever students happen to be on that day. Though we range in Pilate’s experience, as well as in physical challenges, she manages to address each of our needs while maintaining a group coherence. A generation younger than many, she meets each of us with relatedness and compassion, making students feel welcome, special, and understood. She reminds me of a popular college teacher I once had who always had a line of people waiting to privately see her during office hours. Everybody wants to be her friend.

Personally, I feel I was led to her. Entering her studio, I leave my troubles outside the door and leaving 50 minutes later, I am physically and spiritedly renewed to continue on with my day. I am grateful beyond words.

I have worked out under the care of Jennifer Comer for more than 5 years. This has included prehabbing for surgeries, rehabbing after surgeries, and striving for general fitness and strength with the hopes of remaining healthy and independent throughout life. Jen performs an initial assessment to determine the foundations of a program tailored to each client’s strengths and needs. Her workouts are then comprehensive in addressing all areas of the body; but then tailored to receive maximum benefit while remaining safe and not harming any compromised areas of the body. Whether a private session or a group class, sessions are always upbeat and leave you with a sense of moving forward to your individual body goals. Jen seems to have an inexhaustible fountain of knowledge to address individual needs and provides comprehensive programs both in the studio and for further progression at home. I have benefited immeasurably from her help always delivered in a kind but firm matter. If you are sincere in your goal setting with Jen, you cannot help but achieve them and will be thrilled, as I have been, in observing the progress.

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