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Physical Therapy

Consulting: Revealing a better understanding of one’s own body and physical issues is one of the most valuable aspects of what physical therapists have to offer. Frequently, the insight into one’s condition is the gateway to improving. Physical therapy offers enlightenment through a detailed assessment, followed by recommendations for resources and tools to address the matter at hand as well as any others that may have been revealed. The relationship between the patient and physical therapist is a team approach to interface the patient’s needs with the abundant knowledge base and experience of the therapist. Creating a plan with evidence-based approaches and the flexibility to adapt it to each individual has been the cornerstone of success with Dr. Jennifer’s approach. Seek guidance, discover your options, and be directed to resources at Align & Define.

Manual Therapy: Physical therapists have an array of hands-on approaches to make needed changes in all facets of the anatomy. Depending on the technique and intent, the therapist may be influencing the skin, nervous system, fascial network, blood/lymph system, muscles, joints, and bones, just to name the most obvious ones. Manual therapy typically ranges from passive to active approaches as the body retrains and is then led to retain the benefits for movement restoration.

Movement Therapy: Whether healing from an injury or surgery, suffering the effects of sedentariness or disuse, or dealing with chronic pain from various sources (including autoimmune disorders), movement is medicine. Physical therapists are the expert dispensers of prescriptive exercise. We use knowledge of posture, alignment, kinesiology, and execution of movement to preserve and progress both healthy anatomy and diseased/degenerative tissues. Avoid just going through motions in exercise and discover the deeper meaning for better full-body movement. See our classes for ongoing support in these services; specific emphasis is given to neuromuscular reeducation, bone health, spine health, balance, and movement integration.

Dry Needling: Physical therapists trained in dry needling may use this modality to treat many conditions. Back pain, neck pain, elbow/forearm pain, plantar fasciitis, and adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder) are a few of the most common ailments seeking and succeeding with dry needling. Dr. Jennifer specializes in Integrative Dry Needling, a treatment approach to pain and dysfunction both locally and systemically. Click here for more specific information on Integrative Dry Needling offered at Align & Define.

Kinesio Taping®: Dr. Jennifer is a certified Kinesio Tape® practitioner (CKTP). This is a highly effective treatment for prolonging the effects of therapy treatments used to correct, inhibit, or facilitate a desired movement or muscle action to achieve an improved functional outcome. Kinesio Tape® is also an effective tool to reduce edema and scar tissue. Feelings of reduced pressure, stress, and pain assist the body in being able to move through its expected activities, which aids in restoring homeostasis or optimal wellness. This is a low-risk option with remarkable benefits—truly a revolutionary treatment we are proud to offer.

Patient education is an element provided within and throughout all treatments and services offered. We believe in personal responsibility, as it is known to be the leading correlate of client success.

We are able to offer Zoom sessions when more appropriate than in-person sessions.



YUR Back

YUR Back—yes, your back—is likely a candidate for this DIY. Have you ever had back pain or wondered if what you’re doing is good for your spine? The answer is a resounding yes for most. The class YUR Back is a licensed program bringing exercise to those with active back issues to allow you to find sound movement to apply to exercise as well as life’s physical demands. “YUR” stands for You Under Reconstruction. It’s such a revelation when you discover how exercise and awareness of movement can be the best medicine for restoring your body, decreasing uncertain pains, and enhancing confidence in movement. Let’s meet at the job site together and reconstruct our spines. Despite genetics, habits/long-term postures, and injuries/surgeries, plenty of effective remodeling is possible.

Pilates Towel

Pilates Towel class is mindfully modified to suit those with injuries and/or physical issues that make it difficult to attend typical Pilates classes. The famous braided towel allows for deep facilitation of the head, neck, and shoulder organization that is then applied to integrated body movements. The focus is on spine lengthening and core strengthening to help your limbs move more efficiently and gracefully through your day-to-day activities. Even those who claim to be uncoordinated can imagine their moment onstage in Swan Lake. Moves look simple to the eye, but how could this be when they defy gravity? Your participation is sure to improve your posture and range of motion. The popularity of this class has expanded it to a Zoom option as well.

Bone Builders

Bone Builders is a semi-private physical training and education session for managing an active adult lifestyle with osteoporosis or osteopenia. In this small-group setting, you will be guided through exercise and movement carefully selected to aid in reducing the risk of fractures and ultimately how to live while loving your bones. The main focus includes thoracic spine extension, leg strength, and balance. In addition, participants will be exposed to exercises that facilitate appropriate loads to the bone to improve bone strength and health. This is an invigorating repertoire, so plan to sweat and breathe vigorously. Class programming has been modified to reduce sharing of equipment and unnecessary movement around the room for health/safety precautions. This will not interfere with efforts to improve your bone health. Movement is medicine—come take your dose!


Say it again—“Oov.” It’s like letting out a breathy sigh of comfort. This is what your body says when you exercise on this innovative device to more intensely activate the core-stabilizing muscles with the spine in its lengthened and naturally intended position. It provides room for the scapulae to move freely and for multidirectional instability to engage often-ignored rotational muscles. It also gives proprioceptive input for neuromuscular reeducation. It’s almost too much to comprehend abstractly; you should really just try it and see what it says your body needs to improve. It’s always a good time, as everyone shakes and shimmies while rebooting the body to its natural and intuitive status. Available on Zoom but must have an Oov at home; see Resources for purchase. 

Pilates Equipment Class

A more exclusive type of session with a limit of 3 participants per session for a greater self-focus. Participants will explore full-body movement using a variety of Pilates-specific apparatuses and props: the reformer, stability chair, and spine corrector, to name a few. The equipment offers a unique experience that provides feedback and deepens the sensation and control of movement to enhance integrated motion during the other 23 hours of one’s day.

Retrain Your Feet

Retrain your feet to function “naturally” or as designed. In this special-feature class, learn to undo the foot dysfunctions acquired by unnatural footwear, poor habits, and other body limitations. The eye-opening information will have you handling your feet and bringing back a necessary asset to your whole-body function. All levels and shapes of feet welcome. There is a starting place for everyone. Inquire about when this class is being offered, as it is not currently regularly available but is based on demand. May be made available on Zoom.


Patient Education Resources:
The Foot Collective – A collaboration of information and resources from a very passionate “tribe” of people wanting to make healthful living available to everyone on the globe.

Allied Health Providers:
Body Resolution, LLC – Dr. Comer, formerly associated with Body Resolution, is pleased to continue recommending services with Debbi Omizo Banis for fitness enhancement. Debbi is a genius at addressing fitness for golf and many other sport-specific movements.

Nourishing Results is home to Hana Abdulaziz Feeney, MS, RD, an integrative dietitian-nutritionist ready to help you feel great, radiate energy, and achieve well-being.

Align & Define Favorites: Books & Products
Simple Steps to Foot Pain Relief
The Barefoot Book
Diastasis Recti
Bone Health: The Osteoporosis Book
Joseph Pilates: A Biography
Return to Life with Contrology

Oov (available in studio for class use; optional purchase for home use)

Toesox (limited inventory available for purchase in studio)

Injini (limited inventory available for purchase in studio)

Topo shoes, excellent transition tool to rewilding feet

Vivobarefoot footwear for rewilded feet

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