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Jennifer D. Comer, PT, DPT, NCPT, CKTP

Bachelor of Science, Food & Nutrition Science
Northern Arizona University, 1994

Master of Science, Physical Therapy
Arizona School of Health Sciences, 1998

Transitional Doctorate of Physical Therapy
A.T. Still University, 2007

Jennifer D. Comer, PT, DPT, NCPT, CKTP, has practiced physical therapy since 1998. Her career has evolved from hospital-based acute care to outpatient orthopedics to partnering in developing a successful fitness/movement studio, Body Resolution, in 2010. Over the past 10 years, she has further refined how to meet clients where they are and provide evidence-based guidance along with their ideal next steps guided by movement science. In 2010, she completed her first certification in Pilates. As it became the clearest “language” for her to communicate with clients, she opted for a Polestar Pilates education with a rehab focus in 2015. Each of these arenas has fueled Jennifer’s desire to continue learning and striving for excellence in practice, which is evident in her patient/client outcomes and satisfaction.

Align & Define has been a long time in the making; recent events bring to light  the critical need for a community like ours. People are urgently in need of practitioners and a place where the pillars of health can be addressed and nurtured. Every client is a “study of one”—there is no “one size fits all” formula. Jennifer seeks to facilitate the highest quality of attention and care for every client.

Jennifer balances her own pillars of health with her husband in managing an active household of three children. Glory is given when hiking, paddleboarding, and white-water rafting. She finds faith-based purpose in all aspects of her life and hopes that is transmitted in all her relations.

Liz Biocca
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, University of Arizona

Liz Biocca is a PMA Certified Pilates Teacher. She graduated from the Polestar Program in 2015. From a very young age, Liz has been regularly involved in physical activity. A year-round soccer player for the majority of her earlier years, she progressed to marathons and long-distance cycling in her adult life. She explored different modalities of movement in an effort to become a more efficient and effective runner and cyclist. During this exploration, she discovered how Pilates and its emphasis on body awareness transformed her view of her body and the way she moved. In her daily practice, she became acutely aware of how helpful Pilates was in addressing injuries sustained through years of physical activity and repetitive wear and tear, along with the adjusting needs of an aging body. Not only did practicing Pilates with intention during her sessions help her improve, but applying the principles taught inside the studio to her movement outside the studio also elevated and accelerated her ability to heal nagging injuries and minimize the potential for future injuries. It was through these insights that she felt inspired to share this good news. Witnessing the transformation in her own life, she felt blessed to have that knowledge and wanted others to experience the same improvements.

Upon embarking upon this new career, she chose the Polestar School for its methodical approach to the practice of Pilates. The comprehensive course was focused on not only the movements themselves but also on the hows and whys. Liz celebrated the importance placed on understanding the anatomy and theory behind Pilates movement. She appreciates the emphasis placed on continually educating oneself through practice and exploration. In her teaching, Liz recognizes and respects the individual body. She honors the importance of the individual and how their perspective individualizes how they learn. She enjoys the opportunity to share her knowledge and aims to inspire her clients during her teaching sessions. Outside the studio, Liz enjoys spending time with her husband, Richard, and their three children. Together, she and Richard look to provide their children with an abundant source of outdoor activities, including hiking, cycling, traveling, and exploring.

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